The Hartley Group’s lab space is located on the third floor of Hughes Laboratories. We have a synthetic lab which houses three 6′ and two 3′ fumehoods, eight individual benches, common bench areas for equipment, and the group’s desk area. We also have a directly adjoining instrument room which is connected to Scott’s office.


For our synthetic work, we have the usual equipment including inert gas lines, Schlenk lines (3), rotovaps (2), a sonicator, etc. Our group also has a range of equipment for characterization of our materials including a differential scanning calorimeter and polarized optical microscope, a UV/vis spectrometer, a fluorometer, a lifetime fluorometer, a semi-preparative scale gel permeation chromatography system, and an electrochemical apparatus. For computational work, we use Gaussian installed on Miami’s Redhawk Cluster.



Communal equipment at Miami University that we use on a regular basis includes the NMR spectrometers (300 and 500 MHz) and MALDI mass spectrometers.