The Hartley Group’s lab spaces are located on the second and third floors of Hughes Laboratories. We have two synthetic labs and an instrument room. Scott’s office is directly connected to the third-floor labs.

Photo of the lab, showing student desks in the foreground and fume hoods in the background.

For our synthetic work, we have the usual equipment including inert gas lines, Schlenk lines, rotovaps, sonicators, etc. Our group also has a range of equipment for characterization of our materials including a differential scanning calorimeter and polarized optical microscope, a UV/vis spectrometer, a fluorometer, a lifetime fluorometer, a semi-preparative scale gel permeation chromatography system, and an electrochemical apparatus. For computational work, we use Gaussian installed on Miami’s Redhawk Cluster.

Photo of the group's differential scanning calorimeter and polarized microscope.

Photo of the group's fluorimeter and UV–vis spectrometer.

Communal equipment at Miami University that we use on a regular basis includes NMR spectrometers (400, 500, 600, and 850 MHz), an x-ray diffractometer, and mass spectrometers. We also make use of polymer materials characterization facilities from the Department of Chemical, Paper, and Biomedical Engineering through our collaborations with the Konkloewicz group.