Aromatic foldamers as molecular springs in network polymers

K. Andrew Miller, Obed J. Dodo, Govinda Prasad Devkota, Viraj C. Kirinda, Kate G. E. Bradford, Jessica Sparks, C. Scott Hartley,* and Dominik Konkolewicz*
Chem. Commun. 2022, 58, 5590–5593
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Polymer networks crosslinked with spring-like ortho-phenylene (oP) foldamers were developed. NMR analysis indicated the oP crosslinkers were well-folded. Polymer networks with oP-based crosslinkers showed enhanced energy dissipation and elasticity compared to divinylbenzene crosslinked networks. The energy dissipation was attributed to the strain-induced reversible unfolding of the oP units. Energy dissipation increased with the number of helical turns in the foldamer.